Post Two

Engaging an audience has become an extremely difficult task.  Not only should we interact with them and invite them to participate, we have to consider technology in the mix.  According to an online presentation workshop, 20 minutes is about as long as an audience will be engaged without a break or being involved.  College lectures last 50 to 75 minutes and some professors do not allow laptops, tablets, or mobile devices in their classroom.  Technology can be a distraction or a tool to aid in the learning process.  I chose this topic to show how useful and beneficial technology is in the learning process.

I believe that technology can be a strategic factor in the success of a presentation.  For example, Prezi can be used in place of Power Point to produce a connected outcome.  Google Docs can be used to ask questions in real time.  Social Media can be used to enrich presentations.  It has even been implemented in the classroom.  We live in techtopia, and this technology can be used to help us learn and grow.

Each week I will explore a new technology or presentation tactic.

Technology enhances meaningful learning, drives communication and collaboration, and improves creativity.  A learner must always be engaged, so that he or she has the opportunity to learn.  This is the first step towards meaningful learning.  Once engaged, a learner must interact and communicate to achieve the next level of learning.  Communication enables collaboration.  Technology aids in the implementation of these processes.



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