Post Three

Today I have been exploring the use of Twitter in presentations.  I’ve found multiple articles addressing this topic, but one stuck with me: Five Ways to Integrate Twitter In Presentations.  The post explores the best practices for integrating Twitter in a presentation.  Twitter offers many benefits for audience involvement and engagement since it is update in real time.  Let’s explore the ways to integrate Twitter.



Set up a hash tag for your presentation or your classroom, so you can track the progress through a period of time.  Listeners will be more likely to engage in the presentation.  Plus, all of the tweets used with that hashtag will be archived and grouped, so that you can later access the posts.


Use Twitter as a polling method to gather answers or opinions.  Allowing your audience to engage through media gives them to opportunity to give you more detailed feedback.  Certain people may be more willing to open up via typing than talking.


Have someone present in the room keeping up with the tweetstream, so that you don’t miss any crucial action.  This person could also bring questions and comments to your attention during the presentation, so that you could offer answers or advice during the lecture.  This gives a real time feel to the presentation.

Live Action

To enhance real time display, project the tweetstream on a screen.  This allows everyone in the room to see tweets in real time.  This is only recommended when you feel showing the tweetstream adds value to your presentation.  This has the potential to be distracting, so use with caution.


Rather than waiting until the end, ask for feedback in real time.  Topics will be fresh in the mind and this gives you a chance to address any comments or questions.


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