Post Five

I’ve been having trouble finding technology that specifically links engagement to learning.  This comes as a surprise to me considering all of the technology that brings us together.  Bringing education into the mix steadily becomes more of a challenge as I move forward with this project.

I have recently discovered the Notability App for the iPad.


Notability claims to transform how you work, sketch ideas, annotate documents, keep a journal, teach a class, and more.  Notability is a cloud based note annotation system that allows you to keep notes organized and be creative while you work.

Let’s say a teacher is giving a PowerPoint presentation.  This App allows students to download the presentation and insert notes from the lecture or ideas the student may have.  The marked presentation can then be exported to DropBox for later use.  Notability allows for different fonts and colors to be used, so that users can express their creativity.  This allows students to interact on a higher level than just listening to a presentation.  They can better write down questions on slides and refer back to them in later classes.  Notability has the potential to increase communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation in the classroom.

However, the only downfall is that in order to use Notability, students must have access to an iPad.


Post Four

This week’s post is a little different.  It’s not as much interacting with the audience, but rather engaging the audience through giving them what they need to achieve meaningful learning.  My boyfriend is an Emory student, and he was telling me about an app that his class uses to update class information.  This useful app is called BlackBoard.


Fortunately, I had the opportunity to explore the app and see what it’s all about.  It is extremely easy to navigate and classes are impeccably organized.  BlackBoard prides itself on, “giving everyone the power to engage everyone on their terms and devices.”  BlackBoard takes the University of Georgia’s eLC to another level.

I’d like to take a minute to highlight BlackBoard’s features.


Teachers and students can rename, hide, reorder, and color code courses.  How awesome is that.  It’s like a personal organizer for your schedule.  You can organize classes by each day of the week.



Discussion Board is a key tool for communication and collaboration.  This tools allows students to engage in sharing content.  Students can ask and answer questions with instructor supervision.  This could be a great tool for a flipped classroom session.



Students can read blogs and content posted by fellow students.  They can interact via posting comments and uploading supplemental attachments.  This is a great study tool to keep a thread of information going.



You can link your Dropbox account to BlackBoard.  This helps students and instructors organize their materials in the same place.  It also provides another level of security, so you don’t lose your documents.