Post Six

After exploring multiple tools that professors can use to enhance student participation, I am faced with the question of how does all of this technology help the learning process.  Just because a student uses a hashtag to reference a presentation or retweets a lecture point does not necessarily mean they are learning.  On the other hand, another question to explore is does this technology fit into the teaching style of the professor.  Some professors prefer lectures while others encourage collaboration among students.  Each class is structured very differently.

According to Five Ways Teachers Can Use Technology to Help Students, schools must use technology that empowers teachers.  Teachers do not want devices or apps that will distract students from the class instruction.  The article mentions that the best education technologies are the ones that allow teachers to do more with fewer resources.  This is a great point.  It is difficult to balance multiple lesson plans, grading exams, and organizing the class outside of instruction.  The fewer things you have to think about the better.

Since I have been focusing mostly on college classrooms, we will continue focusing on technology for university students.  Let’s say a traditional lecture professor is hesitant to implement technology in the classroom.  Starting with a mobile application that helps him organize lectures and grading requirements could be the first step in a technology transition.


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