Post Seven

As we all know, gone are the days of plainly presenting behind the stand.  Technology has revolutionized how we prepare, present, and engage our presentations.  With access to technology, teachers now have the ability to pull content from all types of sources.  This gives students a reason to pay attention while also engaging them.  These resources also allow students to express their creativity by use of technology.

Let’s take a closer look at these tools.

Prezi is a presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas.  The software allows users to create a space from nothing and continue to build whatever their imagination can create.

Glogster is a social network that allows users to create free interactive posters, or Glogs.  Readers can interact with its content.  This site is great for final projects that students will create and need a visual.  This could also be useful in a graphics design class.


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